FileCarrier is an online platform that allows users to easily and securely share files such as documents, images, videos, and music with other people. It enables access to shared files from various devices and locations.

To use the FileCarrier, you dont need to sign in or create an account. You can easy upload files from your device to the service and generate shareable links. These links can then be sent to other people to grant them access to the shared files.

Yes, security is of utmost importance at FileCarrier.

Yes, you can share files and folders with a group of people by either creating shareable links or entering the email addresses of the desired recipients. Depending on the provider, you can also create and manage groups to simplify file access and collaboration.

The storage duration of your files depends on whether you have an account or not. Generally, your files remain stored on the server as long as your account is active. However, if you enable the automatic deletion feature during the upload, the file will only remain available on our servers for the selected duration, and will be automatically deleted after this time has elapsed.

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